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Perfect thank you, it looks awesome in the engine. Perfect i like it,
- Jonathan -

Images are perfect sir! Thanks for the update!  Hey Chai!  You are amazing at what you do :)
I love the images! I have to be honest, do what you think goes well. You have truly impressed me so far so if there is something in your mind you like, please go with it. I loved the colors you use in your portfolio images, and was one of thereasons I contacted you.
- Daniel Krotov -

It looks great. I am so happy to find you as an artist :)
- Greg Quinn -

It has been good working with you. In about 2 weeks time I expect I'll be in touch regarding further character sprites.
- David Hawes -

Thank you for the images. The penguin looks amazing, and the Stardust line art too! Just brilliant work. So, please continue with the coloring process.
- Per Aasland -

Thanks it's looking good.
- Greg Quinn -

It's really great - I love the animations! Thank you very much for your hard work!
Yes, everything is great so far! I'm excited for the last animation.
Yes, I agree - the shaded version looks really great! I love it! You can proceed with the animations.
- Constantin Groelle -

Thank you so much They look amazing Sent the final payment. Will you be doing comissions for a while longer? I may need some more stuff drawing in the near future
- SpeedStar5 -

Thank you for the amazing artwork. It sure looks great in the game!I was wondering Once again, you have delivered amazing artwork for my iOS game.Thank you!
- Per Aasland -

I am VERY happy with your work. You nailed it perfectly!Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT! You've addressed all my concerns. Thank you!!!
- Timothy Scott -

I must say, the title screen is amazing with great colors and stunning details! I am very pleased with your work.Thank you for the sketch image. This is spot on, and they all look great!
- Per Aasland -

We're good! I got the files and have paid the rest of the invoice (+ a little extra since you did such an AWESOME job.)
- Timothy Scott -

yes thank you so much. keep up the good work. Once i finish this project i will contact you again if i need any animation done.
- Farhaan Asad -

Thank You Sir, your work is honorable and brilliant.
- Tony Vee -

The work looks very well done.
- Antoine de Pérignon -

Just wanted to recommend Chai for the work he did for me a few months back. He was quick to reply when I had questions, sent me previews, and turnaround time for changes was excellent.
John Hsia -

Sorry for the late reply, but I absolutely love the work. My girlfriend especially enjoyed it and your attention to detail was amazing. Thank you so much, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!
- Kaze.Uriel -

thanks man. These will surely help my project. I'll keep you posted if I need some additional work done.
- John -

She looks so lovely...I really love how you did her. The colors are just simply well done..Also, her outfit is just wonderful.
- Kelltic77 -

Woooooww ^ ^ she is superb ! one thousand thank you! it is great nice! I love it!!! Thank you for having accept! It loses its pants ! a small regime is obvious
- Ancestral-Z -

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